RR 01: Doing It For Ourselves

In this new web radio series Emmy winning comedian Mike Robles and radio host and journalist Pedro Rafael Rosado give you their humorous, unique, and occasionally controversial take on the Latino Experience.  The focus in this inaugural episode is on the growing clamor from social media savvy bloggers calling for equal Latino representation on U.S. entertainment vehicles.  The rebellious pair also tackle the perennial Latino vs. Hispanic debate, Hollywood starlets playing up negative stereotypes, and “Sabado Gigante”.

4 thoughts on “RR 01: Doing It For Ourselves”

  1. Mucho potential here.
    I enjoyed the Vergara segment quite a bit as I am anti the stereotyping of Latinos in any media.
    The Latino v Hispanic thing is also interesting, but nowhere near as fun as the bochinche.
    Here’s a little food for thought. I remember when La Mega first hit the airwaves with all of its crass humor and saw how Latinos gravitated to it like so many flies on turds. Then I noticed how not just there but in almost all media outside of the news networks not one serious political or health issue was brought up. Sure they would poke fun of some politician in trouble or talk about penis enlargement, but at no time would serious issues be even mentioned. I can’t help but see these programs as distraction tactics by some sort of administrative power.
    I would very much enjoy discussing these things with you in an effort to burn down a few sacred cows.
    Thank you for an enjoyable twenty-seven minutes.
    Good luck and much success to both of you.

    1. Thank you for the feedback and the encouragement! Our goal with the show is to discuss issues all Latinos face in the U.S. with humor and edginess. I hope you continue to listen and visit this site and watch as we continue to develop our voice.


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