RR 04: Hey NBA, Just Feed Latinos the Rock

Did you catch the Cohetes game last night?  What about the Espuelas? The Toros?

NBA’s Latin Night promotion is front and center on Mike’s mind. While the professional basketball league claims it is addressing a need and owning up to its responsibilities to the Latino community Mike believes it’s really just all about the Benjamins.

This week on the show we also revisit the Saturday Night Live controversy as a new wave of online protests attempt to force NBC and Lorne Michaels to hire Latina performers. We here at Robles & Rosado HQ are shocked that this is still such a hot button issue especially when you consider that we’ve been hammering home a solution to this issue on every one of our episodes so far.

Despite first impressions both Mike and Pedro are positive, happy-go-lucky guys. In an attempt to actively combat the dreaded Latino Crab Syndrome, they lay out a campaign to promote a positive image of Latinos in Hollywood and the media with their #LatinosForLatinos hashtag and series of posts.

To wrap things up, the Bochinche segment focuses on the increasingly ugly child support battle between music superstar Marc Anthony and his beauty queen ex-wife Dayanara Torres.

Robles & Rosado are especially feisty in this episode (and especially funny) but please don’t get upset or offended. We’re just having fun…

5 thoughts on “RR 04: Hey NBA, Just Feed Latinos the Rock”

  1. White history month is all year ’round joke was hilarious Bwwwwaaaaahhhhaaa!
    I’m listening to your podcast religiously, Gentlemen! Hallelujah for your radio show! I connect with all your topics of discussion. Let Us wipe the floors and celebrate on Conga night! Lmao!

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine! BTW: I am extremely proud of my mopping skills. If this journalism thing doesn’t pan out for me… 😉

  2. I know that I was deprived of a child support as a kid because my mother and father didn’t get divorced and they are still married to this day. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made them break it up and start counting the money.
    That way I could watch NBA from floor seats with mi amigos and be known as “el griego”. 🙂

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