RR 08: Feeling Like a Piñata at a KKK Rally

I was going to link to a clip of MSNBC “Way Too Early” anchor Thomas Roberts and producer and correspondent Louis Burgdorf torpedoing their reputations as serious journalists with their insipid Cinco de Mayo antics but I refused to harsh my mellow so instead I’ll post their apology:

I wonder how long that Burgdorf kid had to practice in front of a mirror to approximate a look of contrition. He did nail a pained look of befuddlement.

I was going to post a clip of “Good Morning America” host Lara Spencer having a spring break flashback and making her colleagues more than a little uncomfortable during a Cinco de Mayo segment but instead I’ll post her tweet to me and some others who called her out on her lack of common sense:

If you’re looking for a textbook example of a tepid non-apology, you couldn’t ask for a better one than what Ms. Spencer offered up.

Where is the apology from the network brass? Let’s just say you shouldn’t necessarily wait for one. Why didn’t the Latino producers and staffers of these shows put a stop to the embarrassing shenanigans? Well they’d have to hire some for that to actually happen.

The lack of diversity in news organizations is getting worse by the day and until that particular issue is addressed we’ll have to suffer through more of these cringeworthy bits.

Mike and I make no apologies for our sincere outrage and will most likely become a thorn in the side of organizations and individuals who insinuate themselves into a story for political gain but who may have no real intention or realistic access to force substantive change that will benefit Latinos across the United States.