RR 09: No Invite, No Chorizo, No Peace!

That was the rallying cry of the current president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Hugo Balta, as he and representatives of his organization took to Twitter to insult and belittle Robles & Rosado.

They don’t like that we’re  keeping up the pressure on them for their refusal to answer questions about what plans they have in place to address diversity concerns with executives at major media organizations.

Their stonewalling leads us to believe they have no plans in place and prefer to grandstand around the issue for personal gain.

Chipotle is on Mike’s mind this week as he takes the Mexican-influenced fast food chain to task for an embarrassing cup promotion…and for their portion sizes.

In entertainment news, the Billboard Music Awards bestowed their Icon Award to actress and business mogul Jennifer Lopez. She is the first female to win the award. Previous winners include music legends Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, and Prince.

Yes, there is a JLo backside-sized full of snark from both Robles & Rosado during the segment.