A Podcast and Blog Latinos Need

I really didn’t want to do this.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I really wanted to do a podcast with the terrifyingly talented Mike Robles (he thinks I’m joking when I use adjectives like that but the man is scary talented). What I was dead set against was making it a Latino-themed show.

I’m a fiercely proud Boricua who skews strongly towards the geek / nerd spectrum and genuinely didn’t see the need for what I believed would be just another show eating up bandwidth that explored Latino issues. I felt confident these worries were being adequately and professionally addressed on radio, television, and on the Internet.

Boy, was I wrong!

While there are some admirable attempts currently on the air that address the varied concerns many of us have while doing “Our Latin Thing” here in North America, they barely register on most people’s radar. None of them use humor, NYC attitude, and personal reflection to get the job done.  After having my eyes opened a light bulb went on over my head.

This was the perfect time to debut “Robles & Rosado”. Mike and I are both Latinos de pura sepa, have attitude to spare, and love telling stories.  We both decided it was the right thing to do.  We would create a chat based show with the occasional pre-taped segments featuring guests.

The goals for our show are simple:

  1. We want to entertain
  2. We want to open minds
  3. We want to have fun
  4. And most importantly, we want our listeners to have fun

We have tons of ideas for future shows but will need help. If you enjoy what we do please subscribe to the show on iTunes and please consider leaving a review on whatever podcast catching service you use.  All of it helps keep us doing what we’re doing.

Keep listening and keep visiting this site because the party has just begun!

2 thoughts on “A Podcast and Blog Latinos Need”

  1. I like the theme of unification.
    When the Spaniards came to the new world and killed, raped, plundered and so forth they left us the one thing that unifies, a language.
    Historically, the powers that be have always found a way to keep us in our corners. They know for a fact that if we, under one language, came together with one voice, we’d be that force that could threaten their status quo.
    No other industry exemplifies this more than big media. I admire what you guys are doing and would very much like to be a part of it. I am a retired postal worker so time is not a problem. I have a small income so it won’t be a salary I’d be after.
    I’m in New York.

    1. Thank you, Angel! Your offer is sincerely appreciated. We’ll be looking to expand down the road so we may take you up on it.

      Pedro Rafael

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