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John Leguizamo is Still Not Puerto Rican! WEPA!!!

A version of this article first appeared on Mike Robles Buzz

When I first heard about Mr. Leguizamo not being Puerto Rican
my first thought was – WEPA!!!

WEPA! for us Puerto Ricans is a trigger word used to express emotion, both good and bad. “Tito just got his GED – WEPA!” or your dad let’s out a nice, long fart and you go  “WEPA!!!”

You get the point. In this instance WEPA was used by me to express surprise!

jl I always suspected that John was not Puerto Rican but to me it was was always about his body of work, his passion for the art and his love of being Latino! John has represented Latinos better than any artist I know. The fact that he may have intentionally or unintentionally forgotten his roots is irrelevant.

He certainly didn’t do anything to hurt Puerto Ricans, did he?

John Leguizamo is a human being sharing his soul with the world!
Have you seen “Ghetto Klown” “Freak” “Mambo Mouth” – should I continue?

As Latinos, we get caught up in this self-pride as to whose race is better.  On my new Comedy CD “Mike Robles – Live From New York City -WEPA!!!” (shameless plug, I know) I have a track called “Don’t Confuse The Races” where I address this issue.


Perhaps this incident will raise awareness to the fact that inter-racial racism is a more serious problem for Latinos than we like to admit.

For more information on the talented John Leguizamo check out his profile at IMDB.


These Funny Latinas Are Not Ready For Primetime

The Robles & Rosado show supports our LATINA artists.  We’re happy to help SNL find the funniest Latinas in the game and are committed to focusing a spotlight on all the wonderful Latin@ talent that’s out there. With that in mind we present a partial list of comedians for SNL and Hollywood to consider.  Hoping the hashtag #StillNoLatinas gets retired soon.

You’re welcome, Lorne.

 Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson

Cristela Alonzo


Aubrey Plaza


Gina Brillon


Marga Gomez


Sara Contreras


Sandra Valls


Monique Marvez


Jill-Michele Melean

Jill-Michele Meleon

Shayla Rivera


We’re Just Having Fun

Prepárense todos because the Robles & Rosado podcast extravaganza is almost here!

The show is a no-holds barred look at the Latino-Hispanic American experience from Emmy winning comedian Mike Robles alongside web radio personality and journalist Pedro Rafael Rosado.

Will it be funny? Yes. Will it be controversial? Oh, yes. Will you find yourself waiting breathlessly for the next episode? Absolutely.

Look for the first episode  2/19/2014.