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Latinos: Under Attack and Underrepresented

We did our best to keep this episode free from the Naranja Vieja stinking up the White House but there is certainly enough going on in the world to keep Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado feisty — and that’s exactly how we like them. On this episode the dynamic duo discuss the following:

  • Racist screaming at young woman wearing Puerto Rico shirt gets charged for hate crime.
  • Public Service Announcement: Puerto Ricans are born American citizens.
  • Latinos continue to be attacked both figuratively and literally as evidenced by the horrifying beating of a 91-year-old Mexican man in California.
  • With all that’s going on in the world, now is not the time for civility. Pretending things aren’t as bad as they seem only makes things worse.
  • The real danger is domestic terror, not just for Latinos but for all Americans.
  • A message for wypipo: we know not all of you are racistso STFU about it!
  • Don Francisco and his #metoo moment(s).
  • Latinas are a white man’s Krytonite. (Yes, we went there… LOL!)
  • Hollywood continues to perpetuate the “White Savior” myth and rarely pairs Latinos as leads in romantic comedies. Or in any film for that matter.

A Rough Few Weeks for Us Beaners and Animals

It seems Latinos are under attack from all sides these days. The White House thinks we’re animals, Starbucks calls us beaners and some pendejo racist lawyer in New York City just can’t bear to hear the loveliness that is Castellano — unless, of course, it’s in his law practice. There you can spic it up to your hearts content. All billable hours, ya know.

Be sure to hold onto to something sturdy because Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado are ready to shake the foundation!

Amara La Negra Brings Us All Some Sunshine

Amara La Negra has spent her entire life in show business and she is singularly focused on becoming the LatinX equivalent of Beyoncé. The breakout star of VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’ spoke to us just before the debut of the new reality series and she was candid about her struggles and her passion for performing.

Also on the episode, Mike and Pedro discuss Kanye West’s latest controversial comments, Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner, and flying chanclas in San Antonio.

PODCAST: Don’t Let Us Be Misunderstood

Mike and I have returned from the wilderness and are prepared to drop all-new episodes of the show. We are fully aware that we angered a lot of people in our previous installments, and we’d like to say we won’t do that anymore, but the truth is even in this brief conversation we probably offended one or more of you out there. We just can’t help it. Saddle up vaqueros cuz…WE’RE BACK!

Stay Strong Cristela Alonzo

Her show was unceremoniously canceled by the ABC Broadcasting Network and Cristela Alonzo was understandably upset. It didn’t help matters that she was forced to deal with trolls hurling insults at her on Twitter.

In a long and emotional blog post, the comedian laid bare how she felt about the lack of support her self-titled sitcom received from the network. Cristela also made it clear that despite harsh criticism, she felt it was important to tell stories based on her family and personal experiences.

I thought it was important to show my family because there had never been one like that on TV before. A lot of the time, Latinos are shown as cholos/cholas that ride around in lowriders. I didn’t grow up that way but I always respected authentic stories that (as you’ll find in movies like Mi Vida Loca) showed that life because that lifestyle is someone’s reality.

Our sincerest hope for the talented Ms. Alonzo is that she get another chance to tell her story and we eagerly await Cristela’s next move.

Stay strong, mija!

Boxers, Politicians, and ‘Thugs’. Oh My!

It was a dramatic scene.

Marilyn Mosby stood at a podium festooned with microphones that also sported a large emblem emblazoned with the scales of justice and the words “Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City”. She was there to announce charges of manslaughter and assault against 6 police officers accused of murdering 25 year old Freddie Gray.

Ms. Mosby was poised, passionate, forceful and articulate. There’s no question she politicized the case but Marilyn Mosby single-handedly ended several nights of chaos by being the much needed leader the city of Baltimore desperately needed.

Pretty sure she never uttered the word “thugs” either.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. could learn a thing or two from Ms. Mosby.

On this episode, the Beep’s continued missteps handling the outcry over casting and imagery used in the upcoming Netflix series The Get Down and his laughable Bronx Walk of Fame induction of D-level actress turned conservative wingnut Stacey Dash get the unique Robles & Rosado treatment.

On the show we also discuss the disappointing Dance of the Century between God-fearing and filthy-rich Manny Pacquiao versus the undefeated grinning-and-sinning, super-rich Floyd Mayweather.

A special shout-out goes out to Chicken Fingers Rosario for helping Mike save 100 bucks on the debacle…I mean “fight”.

Robles & Rosado: We’re Not Thugs Nor Are We As Negative As You Think We Are

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Will ‘The Get Down’ on Netflix Be a Huge Letdown For Latinos?

I never gave the devastation surrounding me as a kid a second thought. It seemed perfectly natural to have abandoned buildings and rubble strewn lots as playgrounds.

The idea that I was living in a blighted and dangerous ghetto that could easily pass for any number of ruined European cities during World War II never once dawned on me.

For me and my friends, it was just home.

The soundtrack to my formative years in the South Bronx included boogaloo, salsa, R&B, rock and roll (in all its myriad forms), pop, and a new form of street music that took elements from all those genres.

This new style was straight up party music, complete with an MC who kept us all entertained with his “raps” over a beat provided by the DJ to make sure the fun never stopped.

All you needed was a streetlamp to plug in the turntables, speakers and a microphone for the MC and the party was ON!

Those early days of hip hop were a blinding mix of fashion, dance, art and attitude that influenced all young Bronxites living in the southern-most neighborhoods of the borough.

Hip hop was always a Black Thing. Hip hop was always a Latino Thing.

Unfortunately Baz Luhrman and the producers of the Netflix original series “The Get Down” set to debut in 2016 never never got that memo.

pagan-portrait_lrOn this episode we’re joined by Edwin Pagán, a New York-based filmmaker, producer, photographer, cinematographer, screenwriter and cultural activist to discuss what the producers of “The Get Down” have gotten wrong and what they’ve gotten right in Mr. Luhrman’s tale of the South Bronx in the 70s and 80s.

We are all immensely proud of the young actors already announced in lead roles but we hope Mr. Luhrman and his producers make more of an effort at authenticity.

Rising out of the ashes and ruin of the South Bronx came a vibrant and powerful form of music that gave voice to stories that would never have been heard if not for the efforts of the talented Black AND Puerto Rican kids who grew up together in the Big Bad Apple of the 1970s.

Tell our story too, Baz Luhrman.

Robles & Rosado: No Filters and Damn Proud of It!

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Don’t Blame Mexico For Ted Cruz, Blame Canada

Mexico really does get blamed for everything.

Ebola? It’s flooding into the U.S. from our southern border. Terrorism? Apparently ISIS, Al Qaeda and even the Houthi militants are streaming over from down Mexico way by the hundreds as I type this.

Illegal drugs, guns, and undocumented aliens? Check, check and check.

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz? Yeah, they’re pinning that on Mexico too but, we here at the most important Latino-themed podcast in the history of Internet radio want to clear this up once and for all.

Hurl your vitriol up North for a change. Blame Canada!

And while the blame game heats up about Ted Cruz,  it’s become obvious to both me and Mike that the perception people have of us and our show is we’re too aggressive and pushy.

Some in the Latino/a blogosphere feel we’re troublemakers, refuse to play by the established rules, and are just too darned uncivilized for their refined tastes.

To those folks we say—you are absolutely right on the money! Guilty as charged on ALL counts.

We will not play by the rules when shows like The Real can insult the entire Latino community with impunity and barely elicit a peep from Latino media outlets.

Even the National Association of Hispanic Journalists chose to party in Miami at a marketing convention rather than join our efforts against The Real and Fox TV. Ironically, it was at their insistence that we took action.

Luckily MALDEF and many of our online friends stepped up where NAHJ wouldn’t and continue to apply pressure behind the scenes.

Oh, and before we forget, it appears the entertainment industry trade site Deadline Hollywood believes there are too many brown folk on our TV and movie screens.

…and no, we aren’t kidding you.

Robles & Rosado: Aggressive and Pushy…But Only Because We Like You

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Next On ‘The Real’: Brownface Minstrelsy

‘The Real’ is a bland, vacuous syndicated talk show broadcast primarily on Fox affiliates and is hosted by five women of color. (Sad that a decade and a half into the 21st century this is still something so unique we see it as a triumph but we’ll take it).

Finally a show that refuses to perpetuate negative stereotypes but instead promotes the positive image of five successful brown women. Women who are intimately familiar with the difficulties minorities face when addressing the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of being brown in the U.S. of A.

‘The Real’, despite its focus on lighthearted fun, looked like it could grow into something we might be proud of.

Then this happened…

From the show’s website:

These women reflect the home audience and unapologetically say what women are actually thinking.

Apparently the home audience is thinking it is okay to offend Latinos with a minstrel show.

Oops, guess it isn’t…

In a detailed editorial at the Latino Rebels website, they break down the hypocrisy of the show airing this segment while claiming to empower women of color.

The show’s response to the uproar? They’ve scrubbed every reference to the offending segment from the show’s website and from the production company’s site.

The executive producer, Sally Ann Salsano, refuses to respond to multiple requests from various organizations to address the issue publicly.  In short, the plan is to ignore those uppity Latinos until they get bored and go away.

Good thing Mike and I are the uppitiest Latinos around and we don’t bore easily!

On this week’s episode of Robles & Rosado we explain exactly how and why the producers of ‘The Real’ are personally responsible for this mess and how they can fix it.

We have no interest in apologies, we’re simply looking for those accountable to address the issue—in  our own hard-charging and pushy way, of course.

Robles & Rosado: Where Civility Is Rarely an Option!

Listen to Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado  on the latest episode of Robles & Rosado

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Remember Folks, Puerto Rico Is America

Despite the long relationship the U.S. has enjoyed with the “Enchantress of the Caribbean”, Puerto Rico and its residents on the island and on the mainland remain a mystery to other Americans.

As a public service, Robles & Rosado will help clear up any confusion for you and save you the time and exertion necessary to Google the complicated relationship Puerto Rico and Uncle Sam share.

[Puerto Rico] belongs to the U.S. as an “unincorporated” territory. Unincorporated territories of the U.S. are places where the country’s constitution does not apply by default, except for in the case of certain “fundamental rights” owed to all Americans. 

The “Temptress of the Antilles”, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean just east of the Dominican Republic, must continue to offer up its “charms” to the U.S. of A. because…it has no other choice.

Uncle Sam can come and go, do as he pleases, leave a few dollars on the dresser and tell Borinquen to buy a new dress for the next time. He doesn’t have to put a ring on it.

I’d like to propose a new slogan for the island’s tourism board. Puerto Rico: U.S. Side Chick Since 1898.

Here endeth the lesson.

Also on the show we discuss the troubling revelation that U.S. born Latino and Latina teens feel the psychological effects of racism and discrimination more than adolescents born outside of the country. The article was a wake up call for the both of us.

Listen to Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado  on the latest episode of Robles & Rosado

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Photo Credit: © Fifafofu | Dreamstime.comSan Juan, Puerto Rico