Stop Blurring the Lines!

It hit me while I was listening to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”; not only did they blur the lines when they where “writing” that song, but our nation has been blurring the lines for a long time.

The lines have been getting blurred for so long that we can’t distinguish the good from the bad, right from wrong, or truth from fiction.

You can’t tell the difference between pop stars and porn stars, cops and criminals, or the government and the mafia. Okay, I take it back, you can tell the difference between the government and the mafia…the mafia has a code of ethics unlike the US Government.

We need clearly defined lines to help us in life. Distinct lines are there for a reason. Like when you are waiting at the supermarket or when you are driving your car, you need those lines to keep you safe. ‘Cause when you have blurred lines like the one at the movie theaters, you can quickly get into fights. And when you can’t tell the difference between Kim Kardashian and a call girl — or wait, my bad, there is no difference there.

That makes my point that the lines have gotten too blurred. We need those lines to be able to tell the priest from the pimp, the doctor from the drug dealer, and the actor from the actress.

Otherwise we are screwed.

No matter what anyone says, demarcated lines are good and necessary. So, do your part today to keep the lines straight and not distorted. It helps us all in the long run.

That’s all the common sense I have for you today. Until next time, #KeepItCommon!

CSMRoblesbannerSpanish Harlem born and raised “Common Sense Mamita”, Lydia Nicole, was voted one of Hispanic Magazine’s “Top 100 Latino Comics”. She is an award-winning actress and producer and received her PhD in acting. Nicole’s career spans over 30 years and includes guest-starring in numerous television shows and films including the Oscar-nominated film, “Stand and Deliver” with Edward James Olmos.  Lydia’s Common Sense Mamita Vlog videos can be viewed weekly on