Next On ‘The Real’: Brownface Minstrelsy

‘The Real’ is a bland, vacuous syndicated talk show broadcast primarily on Fox affiliates and is hosted by five women of color. (Sad that a decade and a half into the 21st century this is still something so unique we see it as a triumph but we’ll take it).

Finally a show that refuses to perpetuate negative stereotypes but instead promotes the positive image of five successful brown women. Women who are intimately familiar with the difficulties minorities face when addressing the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of being brown in the U.S. of A.

‘The Real’, despite its focus on lighthearted fun, looked like it could grow into something we might be proud of.

Then this happened…

From the show’s website:

These women reflect the home audience and unapologetically say what women are actually thinking.

Apparently the home audience is thinking it is okay to offend Latinos with a minstrel show.

Oops, guess it isn’t…

In a detailed editorial at the Latino Rebels website, they break down the hypocrisy of the show airing this segment while claiming to empower women of color.

The show’s response to the uproar? They’ve scrubbed every reference to the offending segment from the show’s website and from the production company’s site.

The executive producer, Sally Ann Salsano, refuses to respond to multiple requests from various organizations to address the issue publicly.  In short, the plan is to ignore those uppity Latinos until they get bored and go away.

Good thing Mike and I are the uppitiest Latinos around and we don’t bore easily!

On this week’s episode of Robles & Rosado we explain exactly how and why the producers of ‘The Real’ are personally responsible for this mess and how they can fix it.

We have no interest in apologies, we’re simply looking for those accountable to address the issue—in  our own hard-charging and pushy way, of course.

Robles & Rosado: Where Civility Is Rarely an Option!

Listen to Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado  on the latest episode of Robles & Rosado

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