RR 10: FIFA World Cup Fever, Tackling Race in Comedy, and the Stereotype Game

Robles and Rosado are running a fever… a FIFA World Cup fever!

Okay, that might be a huge overstatement as both Mike and I don’t even know what countries have actually qualified for the tournament.

We do know that millions of people across the globe are besides themselves with anticipation for the quadrennial football extravaganza but citizens of Brazil are concerned with the spending toll this and the upcoming Olympics is having  on the South American economic giant.

The American Broadcasting Company and its affiliated networks are broadcasting all the World Cup games and are also embracing diversity in a big way.

In truth, they appear to be throwing a huge bear hug on diversity.

The network’s upcoming fall schedule will debut new shows featuring Asian, Black, and Latino leads and are betting on a large minority audience to pull up their overall ratings.

Also on this super-sized 10th episode we debut a new feature called “Truth or Stereotype” where we identify the many Latino stereotypes and try to decide if they’re based on truth.

Mike and I also discuss the tightrope walk  the topic of race can be in a stand-up comedy routine. Despite being a master of the art Mike still needs to dissect every nuance of a “bit” for a topic that can elicit very strong emotions. Obviously he doesn’t shy away from discussing the controversial subject regardless of the audience: