RR 11: Sports, Baking and Political Correctness Possibly Run Amok

Puto. It’s an ugly word to some. Ugly enough for FIFA to consider penalizing the team representing  Mexico at the World Cup because their fans chant it during matches in Brazil.

Redskins. It’s an ugly word to some. Ugly enough for the United States Patent and Trademark Office to rescind federal trademark protections for the Washington Redskins (American) football team. The decision allows anyone to  produce and sell Washington Redskins gear without having to pay the league or the team for royalties.

A  judge in Colorado sentenced a baker to sensitivity training as part of his rehabilitation.  The accused cake-maker refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because homosexual behavior conflicted with his Christian beliefs.

This week on the show Mike and Pedro discuss how these decisions, while complex and with valid arguments on both sides of the issues, may be indicative of a troubling trend where governments and large corporations overreach in their attempts to “do the right thing”.