RR 20: Social Media Powerhouse, Elianne Ramos

All this time we were aiming to be your garden variety troublemakers.

During our interview with social entrepreneur and Latino community leader Elianne Ramos, Mike and I were confronted with the shocking revelation that we are both social media influencers.

When a nationally recognized expert and one of the most influential Latinas in social media tells you you are an influencer, you better just accept it and learn to deal with the responsibility.

Going by the online sobriquet ERGeekGoddess, Elianne Ramos builds large-scale engagement through social media and PR and looks to inspire Latinos and non-Latinos through her writing.

For over 18 years, Elianne has helped corporations, non-profits and individuals amplify their reach through strategic communications with just the right touch of creativity and heart.

While Robles & Rosado come to grips with our growing online impact, listen to Elianne Ramos layout why it’s more important than ever before for Latinos to find their voice online and in the voting booth.

By the way, do you think “Influential Troublemaker” works on a business card?