RR 19: Ebola Makes Americans Panic and Blame Hispanics

According to an article at BostInno.com I have a better chance at landing on the moon or starring in the role of Batman at your local multiplex than contracting the Ebola virus. There is a much greater chance that one of you reading this will (heaven forbid) suffer and die from influenza or heart disease than from the horrifying effects of Ebola. It is statistically more likely that a U.S. resident will win a Powerball lottery than catch Ebola.

Of course that doesn’t stop some people from blaming Latinos.

Maria Santana of CNN.com writes that conservative Republicans are painting Latino immigrants as Ebola carriers to fan the anti-immigration reform movement.

We here at Robles & Rosado are not shocked by this craven political move, we just want the GOP to make up its mind. Is it Ebola that’s going to flood over the border and devastate this great nation or will it be the marauding armies of ISIS?

Also on this episode we debut a feature highlighting Latinos/Latinas who aren’t household names but who should be. Actor and playwright Marco Antonio Rodriguez joins us to discuss his fabulous new production “Barceló Con Hielo” at Repertorio Español in New York City. 

As always, we walk the walk AND talk the talk. #LatinosForLatinos!