RR 22: Cuba (Not Quite) Libre and Perfect Puerto Ricans

Science has finally caught up to the fact that Robles and Rosado are almost perfect specimens of humanity. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lior Pachter, a UC Berkeley biologist.

Mr. Pachter published a DNA study recently suggesting that “perfect humans” are most likely to be Puerto Rican. He also reveals that the “perfect human” may have been female Taino Cacique, Loiza Aldea.

Tainos obviously had access to some great personal trainers.

A mix of European, African and Caribbean genetic origins among native Puerto Ricans is responsible for producing near perfect human specimens according to the study.

Please don’t hate Boricuas for being beyond compare. The burden of perfection is a heavy one.

In a surprising announcement from the White House, President Obama has instructed his cabinet to “begin discussions with Cuba to reestablish diplomatic relations that have been severed since January of 1961.  Going forward, the United States will reestablish an embassy in Havana, and high-ranking officials will visit Cuba.”

The announcement did not go over well with some in the Cuban exile community but for others it was welcome news.

Of course corporate interests are salivating over the prospects of setting up shop on the island but there remain many, many hurdles before you can expect to pick up a  Happy Meal on El Malecon during that dream vacation to the “Pearl of the Antilles”.