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Stay Strong Cristela Alonzo

Her show was unceremoniously canceled by the ABC Broadcasting Network and Cristela Alonzo was understandably upset. It didn’t help matters that she was forced to deal with trolls hurling insults at her on Twitter.

In a long and emotional blog post, the comedian laid bare how she felt about the lack of support her self-titled sitcom received from the network. Cristela also made it clear that despite harsh criticism, she felt it was important to tell stories based on her family and personal experiences.

I thought it was important to show my family because there had never been one like that on TV before. A lot of the time, Latinos are shown as cholos/cholas that ride around in lowriders. I didn’t grow up that way but I always respected authentic stories that (as you’ll find in movies like Mi Vida Loca) showed that life because that lifestyle is someone’s reality.

Our sincerest hope for the talented Ms. Alonzo is that she get another chance to tell her story and we eagerly await Cristela’s next move.

Stay strong, mija!

RR 24: Apologies Are Not Nearly Enough

Longtime listeners know we catch a lot of heat for some of the things we say on the show and post on the blog.

In an effort to be proactive, and in the interest of saving our time and yours, we offer this generic blanket statement to all Latin@s who feel an apology is more than acceptable when we’re insulted by Cinco de Mayo minstrel shows on cable network news shows or the subject of blatantly bigoted DJ banter on big city radio stations.

Apologies To All The Latinos and Latinas We Have Offended…Or Are Just About To

On behalf of the increasingly popular Internet radio show Robles & Rosado, I would like to personally apologize for any foul language, painfully honest observations that cause offense, or controversial statements that elicit outraged responses from the thin-skinned and/or the guilty parties involved.

We accept full responsibility and I assure you we are not taking any steps at all to prevent it from happening again. In fact, we guarantee you that you will most likely find fault with many more things we say on this and any of our future episodes

Thank you, mi gente, for always accepting any and all half-assed, insincere apologies that are thrown your way.

As has been noted by many others, apologies are so commonplace today that they have no real effectiveness. The time for the “ay benditos” are over.


Speaking of apologies, the folks at ABC News should be working on some mea culpas for their handling of Rosie Perez’s status on the daytime talk show The View.  Accusations of racism and sexism are being leveled at the network but we’re not completely convinced that’s what’s at play here.

If current poll numbers hold true, presidential aspirant Senator Ted Cruz needn’t worry about filling out any change of address forms with the Post Office. His numbers are abysmal across the board but he still seems to be shying away from actively courting the Latin@ vote.

That’s okay, Mike and I will fill the Hispandering void!  We are considering a run for President and Vice-President.

Just as soon as we decide who goes for the top job…

RR 10: FIFA World Cup Fever, Tackling Race in Comedy, and the Stereotype Game

Robles and Rosado are running a fever… a FIFA World Cup fever!

Okay, that might be a huge overstatement as both Mike and I don’t even know what countries have actually qualified for the tournament.

We do know that millions of people across the globe are besides themselves with anticipation for the quadrennial football extravaganza but citizens of Brazil are concerned with the spending toll this and the upcoming Olympics is having  on the South American economic giant.

The American Broadcasting Company and its affiliated networks are broadcasting all the World Cup games and are also embracing diversity in a big way.

In truth, they appear to be throwing a huge bear hug on diversity.

The network’s upcoming fall schedule will debut new shows featuring Asian, Black, and Latino leads and are betting on a large minority audience to pull up their overall ratings.

Also on this super-sized 10th episode we debut a new feature called “Truth or Stereotype” where we identify the many Latino stereotypes and try to decide if they’re based on truth.

Mike and I also discuss the tightrope walk  the topic of race can be in a stand-up comedy routine. Despite being a master of the art Mike still needs to dissect every nuance of a “bit” for a topic that can elicit very strong emotions. Obviously he doesn’t shy away from discussing the controversial subject regardless of the audience:

Juan Pablo Galavis Gets La Chancla

“The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis earns the inaugural Robles & Rosado Chancletazo of the Week. ABC/CRAIG SJODIN

The coveted (dreaded?) Chancletazo of the Week will be awarded to that individual or individuals who have earned the honor of an old school, Latina Mom-style bit of attitude adjustment.  This will be a semi-regular feature of the blog and will only be awarded to those who truly MERIT a Chancletazo.

(Okay, occasionally it will be awarded to someone who just has that face that makes you instantly want to smack upside the head with a flip-flop. )

jpg-faceThe winner of our inaugural Chancletazo is none other than the “muy macho” Venezuelan reality TV star, and baby-daddy with apparent commitment issues, Juan Pablo Galavis.  Juan Pablo has proven to be the most openly disliked contestant ever on ABC’s hit series “The Bachelor”.   For the uninitiated, “The Bachelor” is a dating game show hosted by Chris Harrison.  The series revolves around a single bachelor and a pool of romantic interests that may include a potential wife for the bachelor.  Each week the women are eliminated until one “lucky” contestant is left standing.

After being eliminated from the spinoff series “The Bachelorette” Juan Pablo was chosen as Season 18’s Bachelor with much fanfare. He was the first ethnic bachelor on the show and the publicity push was huge.

Mr. Galavis earned his Chancletazo by repeatedly courting controversy over the course of the TV season.  He opposed the idea of the show featuring an openly gay bachelor, saying, “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV” and that gay people are “more pervert in a sense.” That little bit of homophobia earned him a rebuke from the network.

A few months later the soccer playing Romeo thought he’d share his more enlightened views on the intellectually disabled by retweeting multiple offensive posts that poked fun at the mentally challenged on his Twitter feed.  Just so his position was crystal clear, Juan Pablo made sure to post how hilarious he thought it all was.

jpgWhat did become  clearer with every episode of “The Bachelor” was that Juan Pablo’s reputation for caring more about himself than the women vying for a red rose every week was absolutely true.  And as if to prove that point his parting comment to one of the finalists was “I love f—ing you but I don’t know you.”


Juan Pablo Galavis, the very first Latino “Bachelor” (and most likely the last Latino “Bachelor”) can now add the distinction of having thoroughly earned the very first Robles & Rosado Chancletazo of the Week.