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RR 24: Apologies Are Not Nearly Enough

Longtime listeners know we catch a lot of heat for some of the things we say on the show and post on the blog.

In an effort to be proactive, and in the interest of saving our time and yours, we offer this generic blanket statement to all Latin@s who feel an apology is more than acceptable when we’re insulted by Cinco de Mayo minstrel shows on cable network news shows or the subject of blatantly bigoted DJ banter on big city radio stations.

Apologies To All The Latinos and Latinas We Have Offended…Or Are Just About To

On behalf of the increasingly popular Internet radio show Robles & Rosado, I would like to personally apologize for any foul language, painfully honest observations that cause offense, or controversial statements that elicit outraged responses from the thin-skinned and/or the guilty parties involved.

We accept full responsibility and I assure you we are not taking any steps at all to prevent it from happening again. In fact, we guarantee you that you will most likely find fault with many more things we say on this and any of our future episodes

Thank you, mi gente, for always accepting any and all half-assed, insincere apologies that are thrown your way.

As has been noted by many others, apologies are so commonplace today that they have no real effectiveness. The time for the “ay benditos” are over.


Speaking of apologies, the folks at ABC News should be working on some mea culpas for their handling of Rosie Perez’s status on the daytime talk show The View.  Accusations of racism and sexism are being leveled at the network but we’re not completely convinced that’s what’s at play here.

If current poll numbers hold true, presidential aspirant Senator Ted Cruz needn’t worry about filling out any change of address forms with the Post Office. His numbers are abysmal across the board but he still seems to be shying away from actively courting the Latin@ vote.

That’s okay, Mike and I will fill the Hispandering void!  We are considering a run for President and Vice-President.

Just as soon as we decide who goes for the top job…