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Latinos: Under Attack and Underrepresented

We did our best to keep this episode free from the Naranja Vieja stinking up the White House but there is certainly enough going on in the world to keep Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado feisty — and that’s exactly how we like them. On this episode the dynamic duo discuss the following:

  • Racist screaming at young woman wearing Puerto Rico shirt gets charged for hate crime.
  • Public Service Announcement: Puerto Ricans are born American citizens.
  • Latinos continue to be attacked both figuratively and literally as evidenced by the horrifying beating of a 91-year-old Mexican man in California.
  • With all that’s going on in the world, now is not the time for civility. Pretending things aren’t as bad as they seem only makes things worse.
  • The real danger is domestic terror, not just for Latinos but for all Americans.
  • A message for wypipo: we know not all of you are racistso STFU about it!
  • Don Francisco and his #metoo moment(s).
  • Latinas are a white man’s Krytonite. (Yes, we went there… LOL!)
  • Hollywood continues to perpetuate the “White Savior” myth and rarely pairs Latinos as leads in romantic comedies. Or in any film for that matter.

PODCAST: Don’t Let Us Be Misunderstood

Mike and I have returned from the wilderness and are prepared to drop all-new episodes of the show. We are fully aware that we angered a lot of people in our previous installments, and we’d like to say we won’t do that anymore, but the truth is even in this brief conversation we probably offended one or more of you out there. We just can’t help it. Saddle up vaqueros cuz…WE’RE BACK!

RR 15: Carlos Mencia Will Blow Your Mind

This week we present a special episode of our show and feature a very special guest.

Mike and I had the very distinct honor and pleasure of a visit from comedian and actor Carlos Mencia.

For the few of you reading this who don’t know who he is, Carlos Mencia is one of today’s most popular entertainers. Notice I didn’t qualify that with “Latino” or “Hispanic”. Carlos is one of the funniest and talented entertainers in the U.S.


The conversation was surprisingly introspective, brutally honest, and much like Carlos’ standup, edgy, controversial and very, very funny.

We discuss his dramatic weight loss, the art and craft of standup, the lack of Latinos in Hollywood, the devastating loss of Robin Williams, immigration and much more.

Carlos Mencia proves he is a fearless performer, a true student of human behavior, and a man paving the way for Latinos in entertainment.

RR 13: Immigrant Archives and Hateful Tweets

Let’s play a game of “Fantasy Or Reality”.  I’ll offer up a scenario and you, dear reader, will decide if it really happened or whether I’m just spinning a fanciful tale.

Here we go.

The United States once accepted thousands of unaccompanied minors from Latin America and provided shelter and care in over 100 cities in 35 States for them. The children were never once packed into holding pens or cages but instead were placed in foster homes and group homes and given humane treatment and care.

This great Union of States survived the influx of these undocumented children and a large majority of them went on to become productive and successful U.S. citizens; actual living and breathing examples of the “American Dream”.

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? (Apologies to Queen and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I couldn’t resist.)

Considering all the angry protests and vein-throbbing punditry decrying the horrors these children  currently crossing the border will supposedly inflict on us unsuspecting Americanos, I couldn’t fault any of you for thinking I was caught up in some sort of psychedelic acid trip.

Nope, not this time!

My idyllic description of how young refugees were once treated on their arrival into the good old U. S. of A. is 100% truth.

Tony-HernandezFor this episode we are joined by Tony Hernandez, the co-founder and executive producer of the Immigrant Archive Project, an independent national initiative dedicated to honoring and preserving the life stories of Americaʼs diverse immigrant population.

We discuss the surge of unaccompanied, undocumented minors coming into the country and the parallels and stark differences between this influx and Operation Pedro Pan which I described in our game of “Fantasy Or Reality”.

Also on the show we indulge in a little Fantasy Television Programming by pitching great new show ideas for the suddenly media stunt happy news anchor, Jorge Ramos.

And don’t miss the debut of a semi-regular segment where we select our favorite offensive and racist social media posts.  Hate has never been more fun!

RR 12: Yearning To Be Free? Not So Fast…

It was always a source of pride for many of us growing up, especially in the rough and tumble immigrant-heavy Bronx neighborhoods where I spent my formative years.

I’ll bet almost everyone reading this can recite the last few lines of Emma Lazarus’ poem “The New Colossus”.

You know, the one about giving us your tired and poor? Your wretched refuse?  Exactly! The words carved into the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Well, forget what you’ve learned amigos because the updated version will include a few lines about arming yourself against kids coming across the border like these two yahoos:

Texas Governor Perry and Fox News Personality Posing With Their ACME Anti-Immigrant Gun
Texas Governor Rick Perry and Fox News personality Sean Hannity posing with their ACME brand Anti-Immigrant Gun. Wile E. Coyote endorsed it personally.

Paranoia and fear served up with a heaping helping of bigotry makes for a very potent mix.

On this episode Mike and Pedro discuss how the situation at the Texas border has taken on an almost surreal quality and propose an equally surreal solution to the problem.

The riotous duo also opine on Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz-Balart’s new English-language morning show on MSNBC and discuss Nuyorican vedette Jennifer Lopez and the big-bootied bugs named in her honor.

What? We are professional jodones and take our responsibilities very seriously.