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Don’t Blame Mexico For Ted Cruz, Blame Canada

Mexico really does get blamed for everything.

Ebola? It’s flooding into the U.S. from our southern border. Terrorism? Apparently ISIS, Al Qaeda and even the Houthi militants are streaming over from down Mexico way by the hundreds as I type this.

Illegal drugs, guns, and undocumented aliens? Check, check and check.

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz? Yeah, they’re pinning that on Mexico too but, we here at the most important Latino-themed podcast in the history of Internet radio want to clear this up once and for all.

Hurl your vitriol up North for a change. Blame Canada!

And while the blame game heats up about Ted Cruz,  it’s become obvious to both me and Mike that the perception people have of us and our show is we’re too aggressive and pushy.

Some in the Latino/a blogosphere feel we’re troublemakers, refuse to play by the established rules, and are just too darned uncivilized for their refined tastes.

To those folks we say—you are absolutely right on the money! Guilty as charged on ALL counts.

We will not play by the rules when shows like The Real can insult the entire Latino community with impunity and barely elicit a peep from Latino media outlets.

Even the National Association of Hispanic Journalists chose to party in Miami at a marketing convention rather than join our efforts against The Real and Fox TV. Ironically, it was at their insistence that we took action.

Luckily MALDEF and many of our online friends stepped up where NAHJ wouldn’t and continue to apply pressure behind the scenes.

Oh, and before we forget, it appears the entertainment industry trade site Deadline Hollywood believes there are too many brown folk on our TV and movie screens.

…and no, we aren’t kidding you.

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