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A Rough Few Weeks for Us Beaners and Animals

It seems Latinos are under attack from all sides these days. The White House thinks we’re animals, Starbucks calls us beaners and some pendejo racist lawyer in New York City just can’t bear to hear the loveliness that is Castellano — unless, of course, it’s in his law practice. There you can spic it up to your hearts content. All billable hours, ya know.

Be sure to hold onto to something sturdy because Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado are ready to shake the foundation!

RR 16: ‘The View’ Joins Team Rosie

Rosie Perez is from old-school Brooklyn.  Not this new hipsterville nonsense they got going on there these days but the real-deal Brooklyn.

She’s from the Brooklyn where you speak your mind and were always ready to defend your point of view.

Ms. Perez will bring that old school Brooklyn sensibility to ABC Television’s long running talk show ‘The View’. She will be the first Latina on the panel of hosts in the 17 year history of the show.

Now from a Latina who demands respect to another who obviously doesn’t burden herself with that concern: Sofia Vergara. Her “I Can’t Believe She Is Actually Doing This” skit at the Emmy’s is still creating waves. Naturally she defended her actions.

“It means somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy her work and make money.”

Yo Sofia, sometimes leaving money on the table isn’t a bad thing. Just saying…

We also discuss the latest iCloud celebrity phone hacking scandal and get up to our usual wisecracking and tomfoolery. In other words, it’s another classic episode of Robles & Rosado.

We just having fun!

RR 01: Doing It For Ourselves

In this new web radio series Emmy winning comedian Mike Robles and radio host and journalist Pedro Rafael Rosado give you their humorous, unique, and occasionally controversial take on the Latino Experience.  The focus in this inaugural episode is on the growing clamor from social media savvy bloggers calling for equal Latino representation on U.S. entertainment vehicles.  The rebellious pair also tackle the perennial Latino vs. Hispanic debate, Hollywood starlets playing up negative stereotypes, and “Sabado Gigante”.