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A Rough Few Weeks for Us Beaners and Animals

It seems Latinos are under attack from all sides these days. The White House thinks we’re animals, Starbucks calls us beaners and some pendejo racist lawyer in New York City just can’t bear to hear the loveliness that is Castellano — unless, of course, it’s in his law practice. There you can spic it up to your hearts content. All billable hours, ya know.

Be sure to hold onto to something sturdy because Mike Robles and Pedro Rafael Rosado are ready to shake the foundation!

PODCAST: Don’t Let Us Be Misunderstood

Mike and I have returned from the wilderness and are prepared to drop all-new episodes of the show. We are fully aware that we angered a lot of people in our previous installments, and we’d like to say we won’t do that anymore, but the truth is even in this brief conversation we probably offended one or more of you out there. We just can’t help it. Saddle up vaqueros cuz…WE’RE BACK!

RR 05: 2 Million Deportations? Blame Thalia…

The root verb of “Chingon” is a vulgarity but Mexicans understand most variations of the word to mean “badass”.  Pizza Patrón, a Texas-based restaurant chain that sells pizzas marketed toward Mexicans, is crying foul over what they feel is censorship as radio networks in the Lone Star state refuse to air ads for their new pizza dubbed “La Chingona”.  Pedro feels the radio networks are well within their rights to ban the Pizza Patrón spots but Mike believes it’s much ado about nothing.

shutterstock_107260595Latinos have shown President Barack Obama enormous support during both of his presidential campaigns so it comes as a shock to many that the United States’ first black President has deported over 2 million undocumented brown immigrants.  Immigration is on Mike’s mind this week and he offers up his unique perspective on this very divisive issue, laying blame on a certain Mexican superstar and a very jealous First Lady.

This week’s Bochinche is centered around actor, director, activist, and boxing expert Rosie Perez.  She shares the details of her long running feud with Jennifer Lopez in her new memoir “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life”.  Also, reports claim Shakira’s man has banned the Colombian singer from featuring men in her music videos but apparently has no problem with her frolicking with a naked Rihanna In front of the cameras. Hmmmmm.